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Bonjour darlings!

Thank you for your interested in becoming a part of the Pree Brûlée team! We care deeply about our brand and the community that it supports, and as we continue to grow globally, we are excited to get the chance to have you on our team! We will only be accepting a limited number of applications for this program, so please be sure to send in your full application at the earliest.

Before applying for this position, please be sure to read the following:

All of our reps must live in the United States, Canada or Europe.

You must be at least 17 years old to apply.

If you are accepted into our team, you will be on a contract period of three months in which we will determine your progress in how many sales you generate.

There are two available options for how you would like to be compensated for the sales you bring in, either in cash value (7% of the sales you bring in) or a store credit (10% of the sales you bring in).

Applying is free and easy!
If you are interested, simply fill out the below application information in full and send it to Info@PreeBrulee.com | Email Subject: Pree Brulée Affiliate Application | Only completed applications will be considered.

We look forward to hearing from you!

- PB Team

[Pree Brulée Representative Application]

Full name:
Age/Date of birth:

How did you hear about Pree Brulée?

Have you ever worked for Pree Brulée or shopped with us before?

Are you a university student? Please list your major.

Are you part of a university sorority?

Do you have previous retail experience? Please list in short your work history.

List 3 references. If you are a student, we will also accept references from your professors.

Reference 1:

Email & Phone Number:

Reference 2:
Email & Phone Number:

Reference 3:
Email & Phone Number:

Please provide the links to all your social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, etc.

What are some of your strongest qualities and how will they help in you becoming a representative for Pree Brulée?

What are some of your hobbies that will help in promoting Pree Brulée to your social circle?

How do you plan on commiting yourself in promoting and representing Pree Brulée?

Why would you make a wonderful Pree Brûlée representative?

If you have any other thoughts pertaining to this position, please share them below:

________________________ ____________________
Initials, Print Name Date

* By filling out this application and initialing, you agree that the information provided is true to the best of your knowledge.

* All completed applications will receive a response within 5-7 business days.